Punat - Island Krk - Croatia - Europe


The town of Punat takes pride in its beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature where you can get away from the crowd and enjoy peace and quiet whole day long.

For a protected scenery experience, go on a boat trip to see beaches outside the town, located between Punat and Old Baška. There you will find an ultimate peace and quiet, as well as crystal clear sea, including a special treat for diving enthusiasts. Beaches are covered with small pebbles. A true holiday in unspoilt nature.

You will find taxi boats are in the Punat town centre. For more information see www.plavnik-punat.hr


The largest beach on the Island of Krk is located in Baška, 18 kilometres from Punat. This large beach with small pebbles has a rich entertainment offer: aquagun, surfing, jet skiing, to name a few. It is ideal for families with children as well.



Numerous catering facilities are located near the beach, offering a wide variety of food and drinks.
The Baška Hotel is located nearby, offering a fantastic wellness programme. For additional information visit www.hotelibaska.hr

Also try out the mud therapy in the Klimno- Soline Bay. After a day of bathing in the shallow and warm sea and smearing your skin in mud, it will feel incredibly soft, and your family will enjoy a new experience. For more information visitwww.krk.hr/otok_krk/mjesta/klimno.