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Buffet breakfast, served every day between 7.30 and 10 a.m., is included in the price. However, if you prefer to sleep in, don’t worry - we will serve you breakfast by noon. We offer salami, warm egg and meat dishes, coffee, freshly squeezed juices....

We do not offer half-board and full-board, however, but you will love the dining offer in the vicinity of Villa Sunce: top-quality restaurants, pizzerias and fast food restaurants. We recommend the following:

Kanajt Restaurant – 1.6 km
Phone: +385 51 654 340, www.kanajt.hr
The restaurant offers the best traditional cuisine on the Island of Krk and original specialities prepared under the baking lid - fish, meet, lamb. The atmosphere is very enjoyable, and the restaurant is decorated in tavern-style.

Restaurant Kanajt

Pizzeria „9bofora“ – 1.2 km
Phone: +385 51 654 343
It is located in the very centre of Marina Punat. You can try delicious pizzas and summer sandwiches while enjoying the view of yachts and boats.  We recommend having a great cappuccino in the daytime and a pint of cold beer in the evening as the perfect refreshment during hot summer nights.

Marina Restaurant – 1.2km
It is located in Marina Punat as well. The restaurant offers a variety of fish and meat dishes, soups, pastas, salads and desserts. We warmly recommend fish specialities.

Pizzeria Ragusa – 500m
Located in the very centre of the town of Punat. The perfect place for those who love Mexican cuisine, pizzas and all varieties of pasta.

Traditional local dishes served:

Šurlice - hand-made pasta served with lamb or beef stew. According to old customs of the Island of Krk, šurlice have always been traditionally served at weddings, and the bride who could not prepare them was perceived unfit for marriage.

Lamb/ veal with potatoes and Mediterranean spices cooked under the lid - a pleasure of aromas and tastes, prepared in a traditional furnace on opep wood fire.

Squid/octopus with potatoes cooked under the lid - a genuine fish speciality, served with olive oil and garlic. A real treat, no bones.

Goat cheese/home-made prosciutto - the best home-made hard, goat milk cheese and prosciutto, dry-cured in the bora wind, with just a hint of smoke.

Traditional Krk bean stew - maneštra - a simple dish of Krk peasants and shepherds. Goes great with sausages or dried meat.

Presnac - a sweet pastry made from young goat cheese, lemon, spices and rakija (strong alcoholic beverage).